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Name:QM4-45 diesel mobile block making machine
Category:Semi automatic block machine
Time:2012-5-17 14:55:40




1, Easily operated by man. Could be handled by only one or two worke. Labor intense greatly saved.

2, Pallet free. Directly work on the smooth cement ground,and could be handled to moved forward by switching the converter.

3, Space saved,and cost save.

4, Multfunctional. Different kinds of blocks could be made by changing the mould.Solid bricks,hollow bricks,pavement blocks etc.

Quality Control (QC):

Factory Inspector will check the machines carefully before loading

ISO9001:2000 Certificate

European CE Certificate

Enviroment Protection Design

State Inspection Free


1.brick making machine
2.semi automatic block machine
3:big capacity
4:make different bricks


Technical  Parameters

 Voltage  380V
 Rated Power   6kw
 Cycle  45s
 Machine Weight  0.9T
 Executive  Standards  JC/T920-2003

Production Capacity

 SIZE(L*W*H)  pcs/drop  pcs/hr  pcs/shift
 400*200*200mm  4  300  2000
 400*150*200mm  5  400  2800
 400*120*200mm  6  600  3800





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