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Name:SY7502 hydraulic paving brick making machine
Category:Semi automatic block machine
Time:2013-11-2 9:27:57


Quick Details:

paver block machine price 
1.Factory price 
2.Durable,high output, recovery invest faster 
3.Beautiful, clean and neat,easy sell 


1.Automatic Hydraulic Figure Brick Machine
2.can work in four direction at the same time

SY-7502 Full-Automatic Hydraulic Figure Brick Machine
SY-7502Fully Automatic Hydraulic Figure Brick Machine uses 4 frame types and 4 locations , so it has large worktable, low  price, simple operation, low labor intensity and high efficiency.It can produce every kinds of building blocks less than 600 x 400 x 200mm.
Technical parameter

 Power  6.2kw
 Biggest pressure  1000kN
 Oil pump pressure  22Mpa
 Production  1500-2500pcs/shift
 Overall Size  1650×2650×1750mm
 Total Mass  2000kg









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